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I speak about freelancing, creativity, and feelings.

How to beat design jealousy

How To Beat Design Jealousy When I see amazing work of designers who are not me, or even worse, seeing other designers succeed, it’s not easy to deal with. If those designers used to be my classmates, that makes avoiding the comparison even harder. Because jealousy... read more

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Achieiving Self-Discipline

The Lazy Person's Guide To Achieving Self-Discipline We all know that frustrating feeling. Sitting in our chair, staring at our precious time and dreams passing by as we lose them to another youtube cat. This time it’s wearing a banana suite and it’s enough to... read more

Don’t be afraid of getting yelled at

Don't be afraid of getting yelled at I remember a few times I got yelled at as a little girl. Yelled at? more like screamed at. By responsible adults. Some were my teachers in kindergarten, some where family members. Only today I know that I didn’t do anything to... read more

Happy new WEEK resolutions 2016

Happy new WEEK resolutions 2016 This year I want to make more money, find my soulmate, find time for awesome side projects and work out more. But that’s not interesting. I’m fed up hearing about my own new year’s resolutions each year. That’s why I decided to stop... read more

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