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I had one goal right after finishing design school.

I’m going to make a living doing what I love which is design and making awesome videos, and I’m going to sign my own paycheck while doing it.

I’m Sivan. I live in Israel. I strive to design crazy videos for a living every morning I wake up. I’ve been striving about a year and a half now since graduating from design school. Here is one thing I can tell you- Whatever it is that makes you happy, is worth striving for everyday.

As creative freelancers, we are our business, for the better or worse. As we arrange our work environment, it’s easy for us to control where to place everything. We can physically separate our work space from our personal space.  We can easily write stuff down, label everything. Once we file whatever we want where we want it, it doesn’t move anywhere. Our mind is different. We can’t easily shove our insecurities in a drawer and expect it won’t fly out of there as we are trying to focus on making bold and better moves for our business.

My first year of freelancing has been a crazy roller coaster. For the past year, aside from working on getting work, I’ve been writing my experiences and insights. I have come to discover that the main challenges  I faced were dealing with my fears and my crazy inner dialogues. It stepped in the way in every move I made with my business, as I was making choices, trying to be productive, or trying to find the courage to price my first projects properly. Let me tell you a little secret- it still does. And I believe it always will be as I stretch myself.

But I believe it’s a great thing, having my emotions and issues thrown on my work, and vice versa. Having to deal with setting boundaries while providing the best service to my clients improved how I handle other relationships in my life.  Once I made a conscious effort to choose the people I work with carefully, I even found myself going on better dates 🙂

I also believe that you might be struggling as well, no matter what’s your field, or where you are in your career, simply because were human.

I’m here to share my stories and my journey.

I welcome you to join me, and leave me some of your thoughts every now and then 🙂

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